Asymmetrical and mismatched earring style

Imagine how much impression this tiny Origami Rose stud can create! Very unique yet extremely elegant, it is a great gift for anyone and any occasions. All hand-made by me with traditional Japanese Origami techniques.

• Sold Single or Pair
• Metal Type: Sterling silver 925 (Country of origin: United States)
• Approx. 0.75″ (2 cm) total length
• Super lightweight
• Coated with non-toxic sealant for durability, but avoid direct contact with water
• Placed on a Kraft card in a Kraft Paper Jewelry Box (3.5×3.5×1 Inches) with cotton filled

You can purchase a single or a pair of Rose Flower Earrings.

Welcome to 1000Birds! I reflect Monozukuri spirit in my production, Monozukuri presents the maker's philosophy of how to make the product - the philosophy that is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition in manufacturing; sincere attitude towards production with pride, skill and dedication. It is a way of pursuing innovation and perfection. My products are all handmade with dedicated skills, high-quality material quality and I try my best to full-fill my customers needs and wishes, including customization whenever possible.

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